bookish thoughts

Title - Author

1913 : The World Before the Great War Emmerson, Charles

50 Standout Articles From Australia's Top Thinkers : The Conversation Yearbook 2016 Watson, John

A Bad Character Kapoor, Deepti

A Beautiful Place to Die Nunn, Malla

A Book of American Martyrs Oates, Joyce Carol

A Brief History of Seven Killings James, Marlon

A Captain's Diary : My First Year Ponting, Ricky

A Common Loss Tranter, Kirsten

A Crucible of Souls Hogan, Mitchell

A Curiosity of Doubts Uglow, TL

A Death in the Family Knausgaard, Karl Ove

A Delicate Truth Carré, John le

A Few Days in the Country & Other Stories Harrower, Elizabeth

A Forger's Progress : The Life of Francis Greenway McGregor, Alasdair

A Fraction Of The Whole Toltz, Steve

A Führer For a Father : The Domestic Face of Colonialism Davidson, Jim

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Chemo Ryan, Luke

A Game of Thrones Martin, George R. R.

A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing McBride, Eimear

A Goat's Song Healy, Dermot

A Guide to Berlin Jones, Gail

A Handful of Sand: Words to the Frontline Eckermann, Ali Cobby

A History of Tasmania Reynolds, Henry

A Life Apart Mukherjee, Neel

A Life of Unlearning. Coming out of the Church. One man's struggle Venn-Brown, Anthony

A Little Life Yanagihara, Hanya

A Loving, Faithful Animal Rowe, Josephine

A Mad and Wonderful Thing Mulholland, Mark

A Most Peculiar Act Munkara, Marie

A Place Called Winter Gale, Patrick

A Private Life: Fragments, Memories, Friends Kirby, Michael

A Short History of Richard Kline Lohrey, Amanda

A Spy in the Archives Fitzpatrick, Sheila

A Tale for the Time Being Ozeki, Ruth L.

A Tumultuous Life Burke, Brian

A World of Other People Carroll, Steven

A Wrong Turn at the Office of Unmade Lists Rawson, Jane

A Young Man's Passage Clary, Julian

Account Villanueva, Martin

Acute Misfortune : the Life and Death of Adam Cullen Jensen, Erik

Adam McDonald, Anthony

Adios Bondi Noir Moor, David

Advanced Australia : the Politics of Ageing Butler, Mark C.

Afghanistan : Australia's War McPhedran, Ian

After Darkness Piper, Christine

After Disasters Dinh, Viet

After Everything Dainty, Suellen

After January Earls, Nick

After the Body Displaces Water Delgado, Daryll

Afterworld Lounsbury, Lynnette

Air Disaster - Canberra : the Plane Crash that Destroyed a Government Tink, A. A.

All the Birds Singing Wyld, Evie

All These Perfect Strangers Clifford, Aoife

Almost Sincerely Lodge, Zoë Norton

Alone on a Wide Wide Sea Morpurgo, Michael

Alphabetical Sydney Pesenti, Antonia

American Stories : Tales of Hope and Anger Brissenden, Michael

Americanah Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi

An Appetite for Wonder: The Making of a Scientist Dawkins, Richard

An Ordinary Epidemic Hickie, Amanda

An Uncertain Grace Kneen, Krissy

An Unnecessary Woman Alameddine, Rabih

Animal People Wood, Charlotte

Another Morocco : Selected Stories Taïa, Abdellah

ANZAC's Long Shadow : the Cost of Our National Obsession Brown, James

Apple Tree Yard Doughty, Louise

Apply Within: Stories of Career Sabotage McGuire, Michaela

Arctic Summer Galgut, Damon

Art of Fielding Harbach, Chad

As I Was Saying Dessaix, Robert

As the Lonely Fly Dowse, Sara

AsiaPacifiQueer: Rethinking Genders and Sexualities Martin, Fran

Ask the Posts of the House Ihimaera, Witi Tame

Atlantic Black Patrić, A. S.

Atomic City Breen, Sally

Auckland : The City in Literature Ihimaera, Witi

Australia 1901-2001 : A Narrative History Tink, Andrew

Australia Day Cheng, Melanie

Australia's Second Chance : What Our History Tells Us About Our Future Megalogenis, George

Australian Gay and Lesbian Writing: An Anthology Dessaix, Robert

Bachelor Kisses Earls, Nick

Balthazar: An Evernight Novel Gray, Claudia

Band-Aid For a Broken Leg - Being a Doctor With No Borders (and Other Ways To Stay Single) Brown, Damien

Bangs Eldred-Grigg, Stevan

Bapo Jose, Nicholas

Be Near Me O'Hagan, Andrew

Beams Falling Newton, P. M.

Bearded Ladies ; Dreamhouse Grenville, Kate

Beautiful Malice James, Rebecca

Before it Breaks Warner, Dave

Before the Frost Mankell, Henning

Beijing Comrades Tong, Bei

Best mates: Gay writing in Aotearoa, New Zealand Wells, Peter; Pilgrim, Rex (Eds.)

Best-Laid Plans Lette, Kathy

Bettany's Book Keneally, Thomas

Between Men: Best New Gay Fiction Canning, Richard

Between You & Me : Confessions of a Comma Queen Norris, Mary

Beyond Priscilla : One Gay Man, One Gay Truck, One Big Idea - the Beyond 'That's So Gay' National Tour Witthaus, Daniel

Big Brother Shriver, Lionel

Bill : the Life of William Dobell Bevan, Scott

Black City Read, Christian

Black Marks on the White Page Ihimaera, Witi

Blood Captain Somper, Justin

Blood Ties Freeman, Pamela

Blood Year : Islamic State and the Failures of the War on Terror Kilcullen, David

Blown Covers : New Yorker Covers You Were Never Meant to See Mouly, Françoise

Bluebottle Castles, Belinda

Book Club : an Unshelved Collection Barnes, Bill

Born to Rule : The Unauthorised Biography of Malcolm Turnbull Manning, Paddy

Bound Baxter, Alan

Boy in Winter Seiffert, Rachel

Boy Overboard Wells, Peter

Bridge of Swords Lay, Duncan

Bright Young Things Thomas, Scarlett

Brolga Skinner, Pat

Bruno Trask and the Dark Lady's Jewels Pryor, Michael

Building a City : C.S. Daley and the Story of Canberra Horsfield, Jennifer

Bulibasha King of the Gypsies Ihimaera, Witi

Buy Me the Sky : the Remarkable Truth of China's One-Child Generations Xinran

Buzz Aldrin, What Happened to You in All the Confusion?: A Novel Harstad, Johan

By Nightfall Cunningham, Michael

Canada Ford, Richard

Captain of the Steppe (Tales from the Last Days) Pavlov, Oleg

Captive Prince Pacat, C. S.

Cardinal : The Rise and Fall of George Pell Milligan, Louise

Carpentaria Wright, Alexis

Challenge Daley, Paul

Change of Heart Picoult, Jodi

Charles Bean Coulthart, Ross

Charlie Anderson's General Theory of Lying McHugh, Richard

Chasing Lost Time : The Life of C.K. Scott Moncrieff : Soldier, Spy, and Translator Findlay, Jean

Chasing Shadows Chung, Leila Yusaf

Cherry Bomb Valentish, Jenny

Christodora Murphy, Tim

Cicada McKinnon, Dr Moira

Citadel Mosse, Kate

City of Fallen Angels (Mortal Instruments) Clare, Cassandra

Cogs : a Story for Small Children and Young Robots Forbes, Thomas

Cold Days Butcher, Jim

Cold Justice Howell, Katherine

Collected Poems: Her Blue Body Everything We Know: Earthling Poems 1965-1990 Walker, Alice

Collected Short Stories White, Patrick

Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet Higgs, Kerryn

Colombiano Young, Rusty

Colpetty People Ferrey, Ashok

Come Back to Me Foster, Sara

Comrade Ambassador : Whitlam's Beijing Envoy FitzGerald, Stephen

Cooper Bartholomew is Dead James, Rebecca

Cop Town Slaughter, Karin

Credlin & Co. : How The Abbott Government Destroyed Itself Patrick, Aaron

Crossroads of Canopy: Book One in the Titan's Forest Trilogy Dyer, Thoraiya

Crusader Gold Gibbins, David

Currawong Manor Pennicott, Josephine

Dancing Home Collis, Paul

Dancing with Deception : Love, Lies & Deceit in Occupied Paris McCullagh, Catherine

Dare Me!: The Life and Work of Gerald Glaskin (Gay and Lesbian Perspectives) Burbidge, John

Dark Fires Shall Burn Westbrook, Anna

Darker Proof: Stories from a Crisis Mars-Jones, Adam

Darkfall Carmody, Isobelle

Darksong Carmody, Isobelle

Daughter of Smoke and Bone Taylor, Laini

Daughter of the Blood Bishop, Anne

Dead Cat Bounce Cotton, Peter

Dead Europe Tsiolkas, Christos

Dead Funny Ince, Robin

Dead Set Robertson, Kel

Dear Oliver : Uncovering a Pākehā History Wells, Peter

Death Most Definite Jamieson, Trent

Decline in Prophets Gentill, Sulari

Degrees of Separation Fearnley, Laurence

Demons Macauley, Wayne

Depends What You Mean By Extremist : Going Rogue With Australian Deplorables Safran, John

Dessert Divas Manfield, Christine

Destination Cambodia : Adventures in the Kingdom Mason, Walter G.

Devour Larkin, L A

Diary of a Foreign Minister Carr, Bob

Dick Hamer : the liberal Liberal Colebatch, Tim

Different Class Harris, Joanne

Digital vs Human : How We'll Live, Love, and Think in the Future Watson, Richard

Dinosaurs Love Cheese French, Jackie

Dirt Files : a Decade of Best Australian Political Cartoons Radcliffe, Russ

Dissolution: A Dystopian Novella Hawke, Lee S.

Division: A Collection of Science Fiction Fairytales Hawke, Lee S.

Dog Days : Australia After the Boom Garnaut, Ross

Don Dunstan : Intimacy & Liberty Hodge, Dino

Don Dunstan : Politics and Passion, Selected Essays From the Adelaide Review Dunstan, Don

Down the Hume Polites, Peter

Dragonclaw Forsyth, Kate

Dreaming Too Loud : Reflections on a Race Apart Robertson, Geoffrey

Eleven Seasons Carter, Paul D.

Empress of Mijak Miller, Karen

Equal Affections Leavitt, David

Escape : an Anthology of Short Stories Mehan, Bronwyn

Eugenia Tedeschi, Mark

Eureka Run Venables, Bruce

Every Secret Thing Munkara, Marie

Everyone Brave is Forgiven Cleave, Chris

Everyone is Watching Bradbury, Megan

Explore Everything: Place-Hacking the City Garrett, Bradley

Fairy Tales: Traditional Stories Retold for Gay Men Cashorali, Peter

Family Skeleton Bird, Carmel

Fast Food and No Play Make Jack a Fat Boy Griffiths, Andy

Fear of Abandonment : Australia in the World Since 1942 Gyngell, Allan

Feather Man McMaster, Rhyll

Fever of Animals Allinson, Miles

Fiddle City Kavanagh, Dan

Fields of Gold McIntosh, Fiona

Figurehead Allington, Patrick

Fire Boy Shah, Sami

Fire in the Afternoon Stokes, John

First Person Shooter Raynes, Cameron

Fishing for Tigers Maguire, Emily

Flaubert's Parrot Barnes, Julian

Floundering Ash, Romy

Fool's Assassin Hobb, Robin

Four Plots for Magnets Davies, Luke

Fox Hunt Phelan, James

Fragile Things Gaiman, Neil

Free Food for Millionaires Lee, Min Jin

Freedom Franzen, Jonathan

Frenzship Glickman, Ray

Frog Music Donoghue, Emma

Gathering the Bones : Thirty-Four Original Stories From the World's Masters of Horror Dann, Jack

Gay & Lesbian, Then & Now : Australian Stories From a Social Revolution Reynolds, Robert

Gay Fiction Speaks Canning, Richard

Gay Life Stories Aldrich, Robert

Gay Sydney : A History Wotherspoon, Garry

Generation Less : How Australia is Cheating the Young Rayner, Jennifer

Gentlemen Formerly Dressed Gentill, Sulari

Get on the Waka: Best Recent Maori Fiction Ihimaera, Witi

Gimme Shelter : Stories of Courage, Endurance and Survival From the Frontline and Back Home Field, P.

Gladiatrix Roberts, Rhonda

Gone Mills, Jennifer

Good People Baram, Nir

Goodbye Sweetheart Halligan, Marion

Goodbye, Vitamin Khong, Rachel

Grace Beside Me McPherson, Sue

Grace's Table Piper, Sally Lynn

Gravity Well Joosten, Melanie

Great Central State : the Foundation of the Northern Territory Cross, Jack

Great Myth Conceptions Kruszelnicki, Karl

Growing up Māori Ihimaera, Witi

Growth Fetish Hamilton, Clive

Guilt Nable, Matt

Habits of Silence Buckle, Stephanie

Hades Fox, Candice

Half the Battle Henderson, Don

Hamilton Hume : The Life & Times Of Our Greatest Explorer Macklin, Robert

Harland's Half Acre Malouf, David

Harvest Crace, Jim

Have You Seen My Egg? Olsen, Penny

He Who Must Be Obeid McClymont, Kate

Heart of Gold Pryor, Michael

Heat and Light Neerven, Ellen van

Heaven's Net is Wide Hearn, Lian

Her Body and Other Parties Machado, Carmen Maria

Here Come the Dogs Musa, Omar

HHhH Binet, Laurent

Hide Griffin, Matthew

Hinterland Brothers, Caroline

His Illegal Self Carey, Peter

His Stupid Boyhood : a Memoir Goldsworthy, Peter

History is All You Left Me Silvera, Adam

Holding the Man Conigrave, Timothy

Home from the Vinyl Cafe: A Year of Stories Mclean, Stuart

Hopscotch : a Novel Messer, Jane

Hover Car Racer Reilly, Matthew

How To Set A Fire And Why Ball, Jesse

Hunt the Hunters Bell, Anita

I Remember You Sigurdardottir, Yrsa

Idiopathy Byers, Sam

If I Fall, If I Die Christie, Michael

Ihimaera : His Best Stories Ihimaera, Witi Tame

Imagine Me Gone Haslett, Adam

Impossible Lives of Greta Wells Greer, Andrew Sean

In Another Part of the Forest: The Flamingo Anthology of Gay Literature Manguel, Alberto

In Search Of Good Government : Great Expectations & Political Amnesia Tingle, Laura

In the Morning I'll be Gone McKinty, Adrian

In the Mouth of the Tiger Emerson-Elliott, Derek

In the Quiet Henry-Jones, Eliza

In the Skin of a Monster Barker, Kathryn

Indelible Ink McGregor, Fiona

India in Love: Marriage and Sexuality in the 21st Century Trivedi, Ira

Infamy Bartulin, Lenny

Inheritance Jaswal, Balli Kaur

Ink, Inc. Heath, Jack

Inkheart Funke, Cornelia

Inside Story Lloyd, Peter

Inside the Hawke-Keating Government Evans, Gareth

Interlude Smith, Rupert

Interventions : A Life In War And Peace Annan, Kofi A.

Iridescence Peter, Wells

Ironbark Carmichael, Jay

Izzy and Eve: An Erotic Thriller Drinnan, Neal

Jack Homes, A. M.

Jack Holmes and His Friend Edmund, White

Jacks and Jokers Condon, Matthew

Jakarta Collison, Kerry B.

Jasper Jones Silvey, Craig

Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi Dyer, Geoff

Joseph Anton Rushdie, Salman

Journey to a Hanging : The Events That Set New Zealand Race Relations Back By a Century Wells, Peter

Jubilee Dann, Jack

Jungle Book : Thailand's Politics, Moral Panic, and Plunder, 1996-2008 Chang Noi.

Keating O'Brien, Kerry

Keating's and Kelty's Super Legacy: The Birth and Relentless Threats to the Australian System of Superannuation Easson, Mary

Kered's Call Sutcliffe, Kaaren

Kered's Cry Sutcliffe, Kaaren

Killing Adonis Donellan, J. M.

King of the Badgers Hensher, Philip

King of the Road Bartlett, Nigel

Kings Cross : a Biography Nowra, Louis

Kings Rising Pacat, C. S.

Kitchen Confidential & A Cook's Tour Bourdain, Anthony

Landscape of Farewell Miller, Alex

Last Woman Hanged Overington, Caroline

Legal Limits Hasluck, Nicholas

Lethal Sky Barron, Greg

Letter to Pessoa Cahill, Michelle

Lexicon Barry, Max

Life After Life Atkinson, Kate

Lightkeeper's Wife Viggers, Karen

Lightning Volk, Felicity

Listening to Mondrian Wheatley, Nadia

Little Lost Girl (Old Balmain House) Wilson, Graham Stewart

Little Secrets Snoekstra, Anna

Loaded Tsiolkas, Christos

Long Bay Limprecht, Eleanor

Long Time, No See Healy, Dermot

Lotus Blue Sparks, Cat

Love Me Sailor Close, Robert S.

Low Life: Lures and Snares of Old New York Sante, Luc

Ludo Anderson, Boyd

Madness : a Memoir Richards, Kate

Mafia State: How One Reporter Became an Enemy of the Brutal New Russia Harding, Luke

Mage's Blood Hair, David

Magpie Murders Horowitz, Anthony

Make Cakes Not War Horacek, Judy

Malcolm Fraser : the Political Memoirs Fraser, Malcolm

Man Thuy, Kim

Manhattan Beach Egan, Jennifer

Mao's Great Famine Dikotter, Frank

Māori Boy : a Memoir of Childhood Ihimaera, Witi

Mapping Antarctica: A Five Hundred Year Record of Discovery Clancy, Robert

Maralinga : the Chilling Exposé of Our Secret Nuclear Shame and Betrayal of Our Troops and Country Walker, Frank

Marlborough Man Carter, Alan

Master of the Books Moloney, James

Mates & Lovers : A History Of Gay New Zealand Brickell, Chris

Mawson And the Ice Men of the Heroic Age: Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen Fitzsimons, Peter

Mayan Mendacity Owen, L J M

Me & Rory Macbeath Beasley, Richard

Meanjin Vol 76 No 1 Green, Jonathan

Medea's Curse Buist, Anne

Meeting the English Clanchy, Kate

Memoirs of Moving On : A Life of Faith, Passion and Resilience McRae-McMahon, Dorothy

Men Darrieussecq, Marie

Menagerie 7: People Like Us Setyadharma, Erza

Mick : a Life of Randolph Stow Falkiner, Suzanne

Millefiori Musa, Omar

Minefields : A Life in the News Game Riminton, Hugh

Mining My Own Business Toby, Xavier

Mister Pip Jones, Lloyd

Montebello : a Memoir Drewe, Robert

Moron to Moron : Two Men, Two Bikes, One Mongolian Misadventure Doig, Tom

Morse Code for Cats Conyers, Tom

Mothers and Sons Tóibín, Colm

Mothers Grimm Wood, Danielle

Mr Snack and the Lady Water : Travel Tales from the Lost Years Shanahan, Brendan

Mr Wigg Simpson, Inga

Mullumbimby Lucashenko, Melissa

Mutiny on the Bounty Boyne, John

My Absolute Darling Tallent, Gabriel

My Dad Browne, Anthony

My Dog Heffernan, John

My Place Wheatley, Nadia

My Promised Land : the Triumph and Tragedy of Israel Shavit, Ari

My Second Initiation: The Memoir of Vusi Pikoli Pikoli, Vusi

Necessary Errors: A Novel Crain, Caleb

Never Been Better O, Thiam Chin

Nevernight Kristoff, Jay

New Australian Stories Tuffield, Aviva

New Boy : Othello Retold Chevalier, Tracy

New Day Dawning: The Early Years of Sydney's Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Harris, Gavin

Nights in the Gardens of Spain Ihimaera, Witi

Nine Days Jordan, Toni

Njunjul the Sun McDonald, Meme

No Place To Lay One's Head Frenkel, Françoise

Not Dead Yet James, Peter

Numerical Street Pesenti, Antonia

Old Scores Whish-Wilson, David

Oliver of the Levant Jopson, Debra

Olmec Obituary Owen, L. J. M.

Omega Park Barker, Amy

On Listening Flanagan, Martin

On Warne Haigh, Gideon

Once a Shepherd Lesnie, Phil

One Hundred Letters Home Aitken, Adam

Only in Australia : the History, Politics, and Economics of Australian Exceptionalism Coleman, William

Oliver Only the Animals Dovey, Ceridwen

Oppy - The Life of Sir Hubert Opperman Oakman, Daniel

Optimism : Reflections on a Life of Action Brown, Bob

Orient Bollen, Christopher

Other Times: Life, Journalism and the Arts Banks, Ron

Our Magic Hour Down, Jennifer

Our Young Man White, Edmund

Outback Ferals Edwards, Hazel

Over the Moon Hathorn, Libby

Pachinko Lee, Min Jin

Paper Tiger : Inside the Real China Xu, Zhiyuan

Paris Rutherfurd, Edward

Partings at Dawn: An Anthology of Japanese Gay Literature (12th - 20th Century) Miller, Stephen D.

Past the Shallows Parrett, Favel

Paul Keating : The Biography Day, David

Paving the New Road Gentill, Sulari

Penguin and the Lane Brothers : the Untold Story of a Publishing Revolution Kells, Stuart S.

Perfect Skin Earls, Nick

Peripheral Visions Hood, Robert

Philosophy in the Garden Young, Damon

Pictures of Us Alexander, Todd

Pilgrims Elliott, Will

Pink Ink : The Golden Era for Gay and Lesbian Magazines Calder, Bill

Pink Ink: An Anthology of Australian Lesbian and Gay Writers Bashford, Kerry

Poppet Hayder, Mo

Populate and Perish Haddad, George

Portals : Tales from the Undergrowth Parish, Tim

Possum Magic Fox, Mem

Pounamu, Pounamu Ihimaera, Witi

Power Without Responsibility : Ministerial Staffers in Australian Governments from Whitlam to Howard Tiernan, Anne

Prince's Gambit Pacat, C. S.

Promise Cavanaugh, Tony

Prophecy's Ruin Bowring, Sam

Pulse Points Down, Jennifer

Purple Threads Leane, Jeanine

QE60: Political Amnesia Tingle, Laura

Queer Wars Altman, Dennis

Queer Wolf (Queer Legends) Hale, Ginn

Quicksilver Rothwell, Nicolas

Rain Birds McKnight, Harriet

Ranger's Apprentice: Erak's Ransom Flanagan, John

Razorhurst Larbalestier, Justine

Read Responsibly: An Unshelved Collection (v. 5) Barnes, Bill

Reasons to Stay Alive Haig, Matt

Recognizing Ourselves Lewin, Ellen

Reconciliation for the Dead Hardisty, Paul E.

Red Queen Aveyard, Victoria

Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More Mock, Janet

Relativity Hayes, Antonia

Remote Control Heath, Jack

Rendezvous with Destiny : How Franklin D. Roosevelt and Five Extraordinary Men Took America into the War and into the World Fullilove, Michael

Resurrection Bay Viskic, Emma

Retromancer Rankin, Robert

Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan: Shah Shuja and the First Battle for Afghanistan, 1839-42 Dalrymple, William

Return to Moscow Kevin, Tony

Riding the Trains in Japan : Travels in the Sacred and Supermodern East Holland, Patrick

Rip Off Robertson, Kel

River's Edge Phillips, Cath

Ronan's Echo Van Os, Joanne

Roving Party Wilson, Rohan

Rubik Tan, Elizabeth

Rudd V. Abbott Marr, David

Rules of Summer Tan, Shaun

Runaway May, Peter

Rural Liberties Drinnan, Neal

Rustication Palliser, Charles

Saint Mazie Attenberg, Jami

Salt Creek Treloar, Lucy

Saman Utami, Ayu

Scission Winton, Tim

Sea of Many Returns Zable, Arnold

Sea of Poppies Ghosh, Amitav

Seating Arrangements Shipstead, Maggie

Selection Day Adiga, Aravind

Sh*t Asian Mothers Say Law, Ben

Shadow Elliott, Will

Shadowboxing Birch, Tony

Shadowed Country Pira Sudham

Shanghai Boy Eldred-Grigg, Stevan

Shatterwing: Dragon Wine Book 1 Hanson, Donna Maree

Sheila : the Australian Beauty Who Bewitched British Society Wainwright, Robert

Shy : a Memoir Prior, Sian

Sightseeing Lapcharoensap, Rattawut

Silly Isles Campbell, Eric James

Six : New Tales Clanchy, John

Six Years Coben, Harlan

Skin Tampke, Ilka

Skin Deep Kemble, Gary

Skinjob McCabe, Bruce

Sky Dancer Ihimaera, Witi Tame

Slaves of Quentaris Collins, Paul

Sleeps Standing : A Story of the Battle of Orākau Ihimaera, Witi

Small Indiscretions : Stories of Travel in Asia Castagna, Felicity

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes : And Other Lessons From The Crematorium Doughty, Caitlin

Snake Bite Thompson, Christie So Fey: Queer Fairy Fiction Berman, Steve

Somniverse: The Experience of a Lifetime Keshavarz, Mr Kourosh

Southeast Asia : An Introductory History Osborne, Milton

Speak for Yourself : Eight Chief Ministers Reflect on Northern Territory Self-Government Martin, Clare

Speak My Language, and Other Stories: An Anthology of Gay Fiction Højer, Torsten

Speechless : A Year in My Father's Business Button, James

Spellgrinders Apprentice Browne, N M

Spirit House Dapin, Mark

Springtime : A Ghost Story De Krester, Michelle

Squish Rabbit Battersby, Katherine

State of the Nation : Essays for Robert Manne Tavan, Gwenda

Still Life Penny, Louise

Stories of Sydney Grundy, Alice

Storyteller : A Foreign Correspondent's Memoir Daniel, Zoe

Strange Museums : A Journey Through Poland McGregor, Fiona

Sudden Death Enrigue, Alvaro

Suited (Angry Robot) Anderton, Jo

Super Sad True Love Story Shteyngart, Gary

Surveillance Keane, Bernard

Sweet One Docker, Peter

Swordspoint Kushner, Ellen

Sydney Falconer, Delia

Taboo Scott, Kim

Tagged by Dead Dogs Bell, Anita

Tales from Outer Suburbia Tan, Shaun

Taliath (The Mage Chronicles) Cassidy, Lisa

Tangi & Whanau : Two Classic Maori Novels Ihimaera, Witi Tame

Teacher On The Run Gilbert, Francis

Tell Me What You See Dvrenkar, Zoran

Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil Marchetta, Melina

Telling Tales Taylor, William

Temper Democratic : How Exceptional is Australia? McQueen, Humphrey

Terra Nullius Coleman, Claire G

Thai Democracy in Crisis : 27 Truths Čhaturon Chāisǣng

Thaksin Phongpaichit, Pasuk

That's Why I Wrote This Song Gervay, Susanne

The Abrupt Physics of Dying Hardisty, Paul E.

The Abyssinian Rufin, Jean-Christophe

The Americans, Baby Moorhouse, Frank

The Anchoress Cadwallader, Robyn

The Andren Report Andren, Peter

The Angel of History Alameddine, Rabih

The Antagonist Coady, Lynn

The Art of Persuasion Midalia, Susan

The Art of Time Travel: Historians and Their Craft Griffiths, Tom

The Bad Book Griffiths, Andy

The Ballad of Dexi Lee Nicol, Lisa

The Battle of Long Tan : Australia's Four Hours of Hell in Vietnam Cameron, David Wayne

The Beast's Heart Shallcross, Leife

The Bedroom of the Mister's Wife Hensher, Philip

The Bellwether Revivals Wood, Benjamin

The Big Ask Maloney, Shane

The Bird's Child Price, Sandra Leigh

The Birdwatcher McInnes, William

The Boat Le, Nam

The Bone Season Shannon, Samantha

The Book of Days Barker, K.A.

The Book Thief Zusak, Markus

The Boy in the Yellow Dress Marsh, Victor

The Boy's Own Manual to Being a Proper Jew Glasman, Eli

The Bradshaw Case Hasluck, Nicholas

The Brass Verdict Connelly, Michael

The Build Up Gwynne, Phillip

The Bunting Quest Marcuson, Steven

The Bush : Travels in the Heart of Australia Watson, Don

The Calvanni McMahon, Chris

The Capital Cookbook 3 Posthuma, Stefan

The Cave Gervay, Susanne

The Censor's Library Moore, Nicole

The Chaser's Australia Humphries,Mark

The Chimes Smaill, Anna

The China Choice : Why America Should Share Power White, Hugh

The Circle Eggers, Dave

The City of Devi Suri, Manil

The Complete Stories Malouf, David

The Conversation : a Tale Brooks, David

The Crane Wife Ness, Patrick

The Crossing Radburn, B. Michael

The Crystal Realm: Krytor's Return Ballantyne, C. J.

The Cut-Out Heath, Jack

The Cutting Room Welsh, Louise

The Da Vinci Cod : and Other Illustrations to Unwritten Books Riddell, Chris

The Danish Girl Ebershoff, David

The Dark Defiles Morgan, Richard

The Dark Lake Bailey, Sarah

The Darkness Eaton, Anthony

The Darwin Elevator Hough, Jason M.

The Dead Still Cry Out : The Story of a Combat Cameraman Lewis, Hele

The Devil's Jump Doyle, Peter

The Dinner Koch, Herman

The Dismissal Dossier : Everything You Were Never Meant To Know About November 1975 Hocking, Jenny

The Diviners Bray, Libba

The Dream Swimmer Ihimaera, Witi

The Drover's Wife Moorhouse, Frank

The Dry Harper, Jane

The Dust of Uruzgan Smith, Fred

The Eastern Slope Chronicle Ouyang, Yu

The Easy Way Out Amsterdam, Steven K.

The Economics of Just About Everything Leigh, Andrew

The Edge of the World (Terra Incognita) Anderson, Kevin J.

The Eighties : The Decade That Transformed Australia Bongiorno, Frank

The Elephant, The Tiger, and the Cellphone: India, the Emerging 21st-Century Power Tharoor, Shashi

The Empress Lover Jaivin, Linda

The End of the Homosexual? Altman, Dennis

The Essence of Capitalism : the Origins of Our Future McQueen, Humphrey

The Eyre Affair Fforde, Jasper

The Fall of the Kings Kushner, Ellen

The Farm Smith, Tom Rob

The Fault in Our Stars Green, John

The Fearsome, Frightening, Ferocious Box Watts, Frances

The Feel-Good Hit of the Year : a Memoir Pieper, Liam

The Fights of My Life Combet, Greg

The Fire Witness Kepler, Lars

The First Book of Samuel Dubosarsky, Ursula

The First Third Kostakis, William

The Forgiven: A Novel Osborne, Lawrence

The Forgotten Pearl Murrell, Belinda

The Forgotten Prince Collins, Paul

The Free Vlautin, Willy

The Garden of Sorrows Hughes, John

The Gatekeepers of Australian Foreign Policy 1950-1966 Henry, Adam

The Gentlemen's Club Shieff, Jen

The Ghost Estate Connell, John

The Gift Croggon, Alison

The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil Collins, Stephen

The Girl on the Train Hawkins, Paula

The Girl Who Made Rainbows Warrington, Peter

The Girl With the Dogs Funder, Anna

The Goldfinch Tartt, Donna

The Good Fight : Six Years, Two Prime Ministers and Staring Down the Great Recession Swan, Wayne

The Great Gatsby : A Graphic Adaptation Greenberg, Nicki

The Great Race Hill, David

The Grief Hole [Limited Edition] Warren, Kaaron

The Gustav Sonata Tremain, Rose

The Gypsy Goddess Kandasamy, Meena

The Harmony Silk Factory Aw, Tash

The Heart's Invisible Furies Boyne, John

The Hero Maker : A Biography of Paul Brickhill Dando-Collins, Stephen

The Heroes Abercrombie, Joe

The High Mountains of Portugal Martel, Yann

The Hilltop Gavron, Assaf

The Hive Hornby, Gill

The Honourable Assassin Perry, Roland

The Host Meyer, Stephenie

The Hunt for Pierre Jnr Henley, David M.

The Hunter Leigh, Julia

The Impossible Knife of Memory Anderson, Laurie Halse

The Independent Member for Lyne : a Memoir Oakeshott, Robert

The Inheritance Hobb, Robin The Innocent Mage Miller, Karen

The Island Will Sink Doyle, Briohny

The Kills : Sutler, The Massive, The Kill, and, The Hit House, Richard

The Knight by the Pool Masson, Sophie

The Landing Johnson, Susan

The Last Candles of the Night Bedford, Ian

The Last Days of Ava Langdon O'Flynn, Mark

The Last Pulse Cameron, Anson

The Last Thread Sala, Michael

The Laughing Clowns McInnes, William

The Lazarus Project Hemon, Aleksandar

The Lesser Bohemians McBride, Eimear

The Life Knox, Malcolm

The Life of Houses Gorton, Lisa

The Light Between Oceans Stedman, M. L.

The Line of Beauty Hollinghurst, Alan

The Lonely Planet Story Wheeler, Tony

The Lost Girls James, Wendy

The Lost Swimmer Turner, Ann

The Mandarin Code Lewis, Steve

The Map of All Things Anderson, Kevin J.

The Marvellous Funambulist of Middle Harbour and Other Sydney Firsts Bell, Hilary

The Mary Smokes Boys Holland, Patrick

The Matriarch Ihimaera, Witi

The Menzies Era Howard, John

The Midnight Promise : a Detective's Story in Ten Cases Lovitt, Zane

The Midnight Watch Dyer, David Lloyd

The Missing Man Rees, Peter

The Money Men : Australia's 12 Most Notable Treasurers Bowen, Chris

The Moonlit Earth Rice, Christopher

The Mountain Modjeska, Drusilla

The Mulberry Empire ; Or, The Two Virtuous Journeys of the Amir Dost Mohammed Khan Hensher, Philip

The Museum Halls, Julian

The Narrow Road to the Deep North Flanagan, Richard

The Night Guest McFarlane, Fiona

The Night Listener Maupin, Armistead

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency McCall Smith, Alexander

The Obsidian Heart (Echoes of Empire) Barnes, Mark T.

The Open Accounts Of an Honesty Box Helean, Julie

The Other Side of the World Bishop, Stephanie

The Ottoman Motel Currie, Christopher

The Outcast : An Anthology of Strangers and Exiles Murphy, Nicole R.

The Pacific Room Fitzgerald, Michael E. J.

The Painted Ocean Packard, Gabriel

The Paperbark Shoe Goldbloom, Goldie

The Parcel Irani, Anosh

The Parihaka Woman Ihimeara, Witi

The Park Bench Doussa, Henry von

The Passages of H.M. : A Novel of Herman Melville Parini, Jay

The Passion Winterson, Jeanette

The Penguin Book of Gay Australian Writing Aitken, Graeme

The Perfect Suspect Varjavandi, Vincent

The Place at Whitton : 50th Anniversary Edition Keneally, Thomas

The Poets' Stairwell : A Picaresque Novel Gould, Alan

The Power of Bones Mailman, Keelen

The Power of Five: Oblivion Horowitz, Anthony

The Power of the Dog Savage, Thomas

The Predictions Zander, Bianca

The President's Desk : An Alt-History of the United States Micallef, Shaun

The Prince's Boy Paul, Bailey

The Privilege of the Sword Kushner, Ellen

The Promise Birch, Tony

The Quiddity of Will Self Mills, Sam

The Reality Dysfunction Hamilton, Peter F.

The Red Shoe Dubosarsky, Ursula

The Reef : A Passionate History McCalman, Iain

The Reluctant Fundamentalist Hamid, Mohsin

The Residue Years Jackson, Mitchell S.

The Resurrectionist Bradley, James

The Reviver Patrick, Seth

The Riverrun Trilogy Somtow, S. P.

The Road Between Us Farndale, Nigel

The Road to Ruin : How Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin Destroyed Their Own Government Savva, Niki

The Rooftop Sutras Diatschenko, Levin

The Rook O'Malley, Daniel

The Rope of Man Ihimaera, Witi

The Rosie Project Simsion, Graeme

The Rule of Knowledge Baker, Scott

The Running Man Bauer, Michael Gerard

The Santiago Pilgrimage Rufin, Jean-Christophe

The Savage Tide Barron, Greg

The SBS Eating Guide to Sydney Savill, Joanna

The Search for Anne Perry Drayton, Joanne

The Second Chair Aitkin, Don

The Secret Chord Brooks, Geraldine

The Secret Code-Breakers of Central Bureau : How Australia's Signals-Intelligence Network Helped Shorten the Pacific War Duffy, David

The Secret Cold War : The Official History of ASIO, 1975-1989 Blaxland, J. C.

The Secrets of the ANZACS : The Untold Story Of Venereal Disease in the Australian Army, 1914-1919 Dunbar, Raden

The Serpent Bride Douglass, Sara

The Seventh Circle : A Former Australian Soldier's Extraordinary Story of Surviving Seven Years in Afghanistan's Most Notorious Prison Langdon, Rob

The Shining Girls Beukes, Lauren

The Shock of the Fall Filer, Nathan

The Sky So Heavy Zorn, Claire

The Smart (and Painless) Guide to South African Politics Grootes, Stephen

The Snow Garden Rice, Christopher

The Snow Kimono Henshaw, Mark

The Soldier's Curse Keneally, Meg

The Sparrow Garden Skrzynecki, Peter

The Starboard Sea Dermont, Amber

The Storyteller, Or, the Hakawati Alameddine, Rabih

The Stranger's Child Hollinghurst, Alan

The Strays Bitto, Emily

The Street Sweeper Perlman, Elliot

The Swimming Pool Library Hollinghurst, Alan

The Thrill of Falling Ihimaera, Witi

The Torch Twohig, Peter

The Trouble with Normal: Sex, Politics, and the Ethics of Queer Life Warner, Michael

The Trout Opera Condon, Matthew

The Trowenna Sea Ihimaera, Witi Tame

The Trusted Green, John M.

The Truth About Emma Crew, Gary

The Twin Bakker, Gerbrand

The Uncle's Story Ihimaera, Witi Tame

The Unknown Judith Wright Arnott, Georgina

The Unknowns Roth, Gabriel

The Valley of Amazement Tan, Amy

The Vines Rice, Christopher

The Vivisector White, Patrick

The Waiting Room Kaminsky, Leah

The Walk Home Seiffert, Rachel

The Watch Tower Harrower, Elizabeth

The Weaver Fish Edeson, Robert

The Whale Rider Ihimeara, Witi

The Whitefire Crossing Schafer, Courtney

The Whitlam Legacy Bramston, Troy

The Wild Goose Mori, Ōgai

The Window Seat Weller, Archie

The Windy Season Carmody, Sam

The Wolf in Winter Connolly, John

The Woman Upstairs Messud, Claire

The Wonders O'Reilly, Paddy

The World Without Us Juchau, Mireille

The Worst Woman in Sydney : The Life and Crimes of Kate Leigh Straw, Leigh

The Wounded Guardian Lay, Duncan

The Zuma Years : South Africa's Changing Face of Power Calland, Richard

Their Brilliant Careers : The Fantastic Lives of Sixteen Extraordinary Australian Writers O'Neill, Ryan

These Wild Houses Sakr, Omar

This Divided Island : Stories From the Sri Lankan War Subramanian, Samanth

This House of Grief Garner, Helen

This Picture of You Hopkins, Sarah

Thrill Seekers Shaw, Edwina

Through Splintered Walls Warren, Kaaron

Through the World's Eye (Law, Ethics & Public Affairs) Kirby, Michael

Tide of Terror Somper, Justin

To the Boy in Berlin Honey, Elizabeth

Tom Houghton Alexander, Todd

Top End : Life in Australia's Top End Hancock, David

Tough Boris Fox, Mem

Towers of Midnight (Wheel of Time) Jordan, Robert

Trainspotting Welsh, Irvine

Trashtown Tait, Robert

Travels in the Scriptorium Auster, Paul

Tree of Leaf and Flame Morden, Daniel

Trencherman Venter, Eben

Triumph and Demise : the Broken Promise of a Labor Generation Kelly, Paul

Turtle Bryson, Gary

Twelve Cronin, Justin

Two Steps Forward Gold, Irma

Two Weeks With the Queen Gleitzman, Morris

Tyger! Tyger! Stanley, Elizabeth

Under Cover : Adventures in the Art of Editing Munro, Craig

Unwrapped Sky Davidson, Rjurik

Useful Oswald, Debra

Valentine Grey Toksvig, Sandi

Valiant Gentlemen Murray, Sabina

Velocity Worland, Steve

Vengeance Irvine, Ian

Venus as a Boy Sutherland, Luke

Vinyl Cafe Unplugged McLean, Stuart

Walking Free Al Muderis, Munjed

Wanting Flanagan, Richard

War God Hancock, Graham

Warning : The Story of Cyclone Tracy Cunningham, Sophie

Warren Mundine in Black & White Mundine, Warren

Warwick Rowers Calendar 2018 Malcolm, Angus

Watching You Robotham, Michael

We Ate The Road Like Vultures Lounsbury, Lynnette

We're All Going to Die (Especially Me) Meares, Joel

What a Time To Be Alive : That and Other Lies Of the 2016 Campaign Di Stefano, Mark

What Belongs to You Greenwell, Garth

What Came Before George, Anna

What Days Are For Dessaix, Robert

What Love Is: The Second Arcadia Book of Gay Short Stories Burton, Peter

What Remains Lee, Tracey

What the Family Needed Amsterdam, Steven K.

When Dining With Tigers Loh, Frank Chan

When The Devil Drives Brookmyre, Chris

When There's Nowhere Else to Run Middleton, Murray

When We Have Wings Corbett, Claire

Where Song Began : Australia's Birds and How They Changed the World Low, Tim

Where's Waari? : A History of the Maori Through the Short Story Ihimaera, Witi Tame

Whisky Charlie Foxtrot Smith, Annabel

Whisper Noni, Lynette

White Tiger Chan, Kylie

White Ute Dreaming Gardner, Scot

Who Bombed the Hilton? Landers, Rachel

Who We Were Neave, Lucy

Who's Afraid? Lewis, Maria

Wild Things Delaney, Brigid

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge Fox, Mem

Wimmera Brandi, Mark

Windsor's Way Windsor, Tony

Winter Be My Shield Spurrier, Jo

Without Warning Birmingham, John

Wolf in White Van Darnielle, John

Wolf, Wolf : A Novel Venter, Eben

Woman Far Walking Ihimaera, Witi

Woman in the Making O'Neill, Rory

Wood Green Rabin, Sean

Wool Howey, Hugh

Words Breathe, Creatures of Elsewhere Thuyên, Nhã

Work Like Any Other Reeves, Virginia

Worst. Person. Ever. Coupland, Douglas

Worth the Wait Lehmann, Darren

Yaraana: Gay Writing from South Asia Merchant, Hoshang

You'll Be Sorry When I'm Dead Hardy, Marieke