bookish thoughts

Title - Author

Landscape of Farewell Miller, Alex

Last Woman Hanged Overington, Caroline

Legal Limits Hasluck, Nicholas

Lethal Sky Barron, Greg

Letter to Pessoa Cahill, Michelle

Lexicon Barry, Max

Life After Life Atkinson, Kate

Lightkeeper's Wife Viggers, Karen

Lightning Volk, Felicity

Listening to Mondrian Wheatley, Nadia

Little Lost Girl (Old Balmain House) Wilson, Graham Stewart

Little Secrets Snoekstra, Anna

Loaded Tsiolkas, Christos

Long Bay Limprecht, Eleanor

Long Time, No See Healy, Dermot

Lotus Blue Sparks, Cat

Love Me Sailor Close, Robert S.

Low Life: Lures and Snares of Old New York Sante, Luc

Ludo Anderson, Boyd