bookish thoughts

Title – Author

Rabin, Sean Wood Green

Radburn, B. Michael The Crossing

Radcliffe, Russ Dirt Files : a Decade of Best Australian Political Cartoons

Rankin, Robert Retromancer

Rawson, Jane A Wrong Turn at the Office of Unmade Lists

Rayner, Jennifer Generation Less : How Australia is Cheating the Young

Raynes, Cameron First Person Shooter

Read, Christian Black City

Reeves, Virginia Work Like Any Other

Rees, Peter The Missing Man

Reilly, Matthew Hover Car Racer

Reynolds, Henry A History of Tasmania

Reynolds, Robert Gay & lesbian, then & now : Australian stories from a social revolution

Rice, Christopher The Moonlit Earth

Rice, Christopher The Snow Garden

Rice, Christopher The Vines

Richards, Kate Madness : a Memoir

Riddell, Chris The Da Vinci Cod : and Other Illustrations to Unwritten Books

Riminton, Hugh Minefields : a Life in the News Game

Roberts, Rhonda Gladiatrix

Robertson, Geoffrey Dreaming Too Loud : Reflections on a Race Apart

Robertson, Kel Dead Set

Robertson, Kel Rip Off

Robotham, Michael Watching You

Roth, Gabriel The Unknowns

Rothwell, Nicolas Quicksilver

Rowe, Josephine A Loving, Faithful Animal

Rufin, Jean-Christophe The Abyssinian

Rufin, Jean-Christophe The Santiago Pilgrimage

Rushdie, Salman Joseph Anton

Rutherfurd, Edward Paris

Ryan, Luke A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Chemo