bookish thoughts

Title – Author

Macauley, Wayne Demons

Machado, Carmen Maria Her body and other parties

Macklin, Robert Hamilton Hume : The Life & Times Of Our Greatest Explorer

Maguire, Emily Fishing for Tigers

Mailman, Keelen The Power of Bones

Malcolm, Angus Warwick Rowers Calendar 2018

Maloney, Shane The Big Ask

Malouf, David Harland's Half Acre

Malouf, David The Complete Stories

Manfield, Christine Dessert Divas

Manguel, Alberto In another Part of the Forest : The Flamingo Anthology of Gay Literature

Mankell, Henning Before the Frost

Manning, Paddy Born to Rule : The Unauthorised Biography of Malcolm Turnbull

Marchetta, Melina Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil

Marcuson, Steven The Bunting Quest

Marr, David Rudd V. Abbott

Mars-Jones, Adam Darker Proof: Stories from a Crisis

Marsh, Victor The Boy in the Yellow Dress

Martel, Yann The High Mountains of Portugal

Martin, Clare Speak for Yourself : Eight Chief Ministers Reflect on Northern Territory Self-Government

Martin, Fran AsiaPacifiQueer: Rethinking Genders and Sexualities

Martin, George R. R. A Game of Thrones

Mason, Walter G. Destination Cambodia : Adventures in the Kingdom

Masson, Sophie The Knight by the Pool

Maupin, Armistead The Night Listener

May, Peter Runaway

McBride, Eimear A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing

McBride, Eimear The Lesser Bohemians

McCabe, Bruce Skinjob

McCall Smith, Alexander The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

McCalman, Iain The Reef : A Passionate History

McClymont, Kate He Who Must Be Obeid

McCullagh, Catherine Dancing with Deception : Love, Lies & Deceit in Occupied Paris

McDonald, Anthony Adam

McDonald, Meme Njunjul the Sun

McFarlane, Fiona The Night Guest

McGregor, Alasdair A Forger's Progress : The Life of Francis Greenway

McGregor, Fiona Indelible Ink

McGregor, Fiona Strange Museums : A Journey Through Poland

McGuire, Michaela Apply Within: Stories of Career Sabotage

McHugh, Richard Charlie Anderson's General Theory of Lying

McInnes, William The Birdwatcher

McInnes, William The Laughing Clowns

McIntosh, Fiona Fields of Gold

McKinnon, Dr Moira Cicada

McKinty, Adrian In the Morning I'll be Gone

McKnight, Harriet Rain Birds

McLean, Stuart Home from the Vinyl Cafe: A Year of Stories

McLean, Stuart Vinyl Cafe Unplugged

McMahon, Chris The Calvanni

McMaster, Rhyll Feather Man

McPhedran, Ian Afghanistan : Australia's War

McPherson, Sue Grace Beside Me

McQueen, Humphrey Temper Democratic : How Exceptional is Australia?

McQueen, Humphrey The Essence of Capitalism : the Origins of Our Future

McRae-McMahon, Dorothy Memoirs of Moving on : a Life of Faith, Passion and Resilience

Meares, Joel We're All Going to Die (Especially Me)

Megalogenis, George Australia's Second Chance : What Our History Tells Us About Our Future

Mehan, Bronwyn Escape : an Anthology of Short Stories

Merchant, Hoshang Yaraana: Gay Writing from South Asia

Messer, Jane Hopscotch : A Novel

Messud, Claire The Woman Upstairs

Meyer, Stephenie The Host

Micallef, Shaun The President's Desk : An Alt-History of the United States

Midalia, Susan The art of persuasion

Middleton, Murray When There's Nowhere Else to Run

Miller, Alex Landscape of Farewell

Miller, Karen Empress of Mijak

Miller, Karen The Innocent Mage

Miller, Stephen D. Partings at Dawn: An Anthology of Japanese Gay Literature (12th - 20th Century)

Milligan, Louise Cardinal : The Rise and Fall of George Pell

Mills, Jennifer Gone

Mills, Sam The Quiddity of Will Self

Mock, Janet Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More

Modjeska, Drusilla The Mountain

Moloney, James Master of the Books

Moor, David Adios Bondi Noir

Moore, Nicole The Censor's Library

Moorhouse, Frank The Americans, Baby

Moorhouse, Frank The Drover's Wife

Morden, Daniel Tree of Leaf and Flame

Morgan, Richard The Dark Defiles

Mori, Ōgai The Wild Goose

Morpurgo, Michael Alone on a Wide Wide Sea

Mosse, Kate Citadel

Mouly, Françoise Blown Covers : New Yorker Covers You Were Never Meant to See

Mukherjee, Neel A Life Apart

Mulholland, Mark A Mad and Wonderful Thing

Mundine, Warren Warren Mundine in Black and White

Munkara, Marie A Most Peculiar Act

Munkara, Marie Every Secret Thing

Munro, Craig Under Cover : Adventures in the Art of Editing

Murphy, Nicole R. The Outcast : an Anthology of Strangers and Exiles

Murphy, Tim Christodora

Murray, Sabina Valiant Gentlemen

Murrell, Belinda The Forgotten Pearl

Musa, Omar Here Come the Dogs

Musa, Omar Millefiori