bookish thoughts

Title – Author

Landers, Rachel Who Bombed the Hilton?

Langdon, Rob The Seventh Circle : A Former Australian Soldier's Extraordinary Story of Surviving Seven Years in Afghanistan's Most Notorious Prison

Lapcharoensap, Rattawut Sightseeing

Larbalestier, Justine Razorhurst

Larkin, L A Devour

Law, Ben Sh*t Asian Mothers Say

Lay, Duncan Bridge of Swords

Lay, Duncan The Wounded Guardian

Le, Nam The Boat

Leane, Jeanine Purple Threads

Leavitt, David Equal Affections

Lee, Min Jin Free Food for Millionaires

Lee, Min Jin Pachinko

Lee, Tracey What Remains

Lehmann, Darren Worth the Wait

Leigh, Andrew The Economics of Just About Everything

Leigh, Julia The Hunter

Lesnie, Phil Once a Shepherd

Lette, Kathy Best-Laid Plans

Lewin, Ellen Recognizing Ourselves

Lewis, Hele The Dead Still Cry Out : The Story of a Combat Cameraman

Lewis, Maria Who's Afraid?

Lewis, Steve The Mandarin Code

Limprecht, Eleanor Long Bay

Lloyd, Peter Inside Story

Lodge, Zoë Norton Almost Sincerely

Loh, Frank Chan When Dining With Tigers

Lohrey, Amanda A Short History of Richard Kline

Lounsbury, Lynnette Afterworld

Lounsbury, Lynnette We Ate The Road Like Vultures

Lovitt, Zane The Midnight Promise : a Detective's Story in Ten Cases

Low, Tim Where Song Began : Australia's Birds and How They Changed the World

Lucashenko, Melissa Mullumbimby