bookish thoughts

Title – Author

Kaminsky, Leah The Waiting Room

Kandasamy, Meena The Gypsy Goddess

Kapoor, Deepti A Bad Character

Kavanagh, Dan Fiddle City

Keane, Bernard Surveillance

Kells, Stuart S. Penguin and the Lane Brothers : the Untold Story of a Publishing Revolution

Kelly, Paul Triumph and Demise : the Broken Promise of a Labor Generation

Kemble, Gary Skin Deep

Keneally, Meg The Soldier's Curse

Keneally, Thomas Bettany's Book

Keneally, Thomas The Place at Whitton : 50th Anniversary Edition

Kepler, Lars The Fire Witness

Keshavarz, Mr Kourosh Somniverse: The Experience of a Lifetime

Kevin, Tony Return to Moscow

Khong, Rachel Goodbye, Vitamin

Kilcullen, David Blood Year : Islamic State and the Failures of the War on Terror

Kirby, Michael A Private Life: Fragments, Memories, Friends

Kirby, Michael Through the World's Eye (Law, Ethics & Public Affairs)

Knausgaard, Karl Ove A Death in the Family

Kneen, Krissy An Uncertain Grace

Knox, Malcolm The Life

Koch, Herman The Dinner

Kostakis, William The First Third

Kristoff, Jay Nevernight

Kruszelnicki, Karl Great Myth Conceptions

Kushner, Ellen The Fall of the Kings

Kushner, Ellen Swordspoint

Kushner, Ellen The Privilege of the Sword