bookish thoughts

Title – Author

Cadwallader, Robyn The Anchoress

Cahill, Michelle Letter to Pessoa

Calder, Bill Pink Ink : The Golden Era For Gay and Lesbian Magazines

Calland, Richard The Zuma Years : South Africa's Changing Face of Power

Cameron, Anson The Last Pulse

Cameron, David Wayne The Battle of Long Tan : Australia's Four Hours of Hell in Vietnam

Campbell, Eric James Silly Isles

Canning, Richard Between Men: Best New Gay Fiction

Canning, Richard Gay Fiction Speaks

Carey, Peter His Illegal Self

Carmichael, Jay Ironbark

Carmody, Isobelle Darkfall

Carmody, Isobelle Darksong

Carmody, Sam The Windy Season

Carr, Bob Diary of a Foreign Minister

Carré, John le A Delicate Truth

Carroll, Steven A World of Other People

Carter, Alan Marlborough Man

Carter, Paul D. Eleven Seasons

Cashorali, Peter Fairy Tales: Traditional Stories Retold for Gay Men

Cassidy, Lisa Taliath (The Mage Chronicles)

Castagna, Felicity Small Indiscretions : Stories of Travel in Asia

Castles, Belinda Bluebottle

Cavanaugh, Tony Promise

Chan, Kylie White Tiger

Chang Noi. Jungle Book : Thailand's Politics, Moral Panic, and Plunder, 1996-2008

Čhaturon Chāisǣng Thai Democracy in Crisis : 27 Truths

Cheng, Melanie Australia Day

Chevalier, Tracy New Boy : Othello Retold

Christie, Michael If I Fall, If I Die

Chung, Leila Yusaf Chasing Shadows

Clanchy, John Six : New Tales

Clanchy, Kate Meeting the English

Clancy, Robert Mapping Antarctica: A Five Hundred Year Record of Discovery

Clare, Cassandra City of Fallen Angels (Mortal Instruments)

Clary, Julian A Young Man's Passage

Cleave, Chris Everyone Brave is Forgiven

Clifford, Aoife All these perfect strangers

Close, Robert S. Love Me Sailor

Coady, Lynn The Antagonist

Coben, Harlan Six Years

Colebatch, Tim Dick Hamer : the liberal Liberal

Coleman, Claire G Terra Nullius

Coleman, William Oliver Only in Australia : the History, Politics, and Economics of Australian Exceptionalism

Collins, Paul Slaves of Quentaris

Collins, Paul The Forgotten Prince

Collins, Stephen The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil

Collis, Paul Dancing Home (David Unaipon Award Winners Series)

Collison, Kerry B. Jakarta

Combet, Greg The Fights of My Life

Condon, Matthew Jacks and Jokers

Condon, Matthew The Trout Opera

Conigrave, Timothy Holding the Man

Connell, John The Ghost Estate

Connelly, Michael The Brass Verdict

Connolly, John The Wolf in Winter

Conyers, Tom Morse Code for Cats

Corbett, Claire When We Have Wings

Cotton, Peter Dead Cat Bounce

Coulthart, Ross Charles Bean

Coupland, Douglas Worst. Person. Ever.

Crace, Jim Harvest

Crain, Caleb Necessary Errors: A Novel

Crew, Gary The Truth About Emma

Croggon, Alison The Gift

Cronin, Justin Twelve

Cross, Jack Great Central State : the Foundation of the Northern Territory

Cunningham, Michael By Nightfall

Cunningham, Sophie Warning : the Story of Cyclone Tracy

Currie, Christopher The Ottoman Motel