bookish thoughts

Title – Author

Bailey, Sarah The Dark Lake

Baker, Scott The Rule of Knowledge

Bakker, Gerbrand The Twin

Ball, Jesse How To Set A Fire And Why

Ballantyne, C. J. The Crystal Realm: Krytor's Return

Banks, Ron Other Times: Life, Journalism and the Arts

Baram, Nir Good People

Barker, Amy Omega Park

Barker, K.A. The Book of Days

Barker, Kathryn In the Skin of a Monster

Barnes, Bill Book Club : An Unshelved Collection

Barnes, Bill Read Responsibly: An Unshelved Collection (v. 5)

Barnes, Julian Flaubert's Parrot

Barnes, Mark T. The Obsidian Heart (Echoes of Empire)

Barron, Greg Lethal Sky

Barron, Greg The Savage Tide

Barry, Max Lexicon

Bartlett, Nigel King of the Road

Bartulin, Lenny Infamy

Bashford, Kerry Pink Ink: An Anthology of Australian Lesbian and Gay Writers

Battersby, Katherine Squish Rabbit

Bauer, Michael Gerard The Running Man

Baxter, Alan Bound

Beasley, Richard Me & Rory Macbeath

Bedford, Ian The Last Candles of the Night

Bell, Anita Hunt the Hunters

Bell, Anita Tagged by Dead Dogs

Bell, Hilary The Marvellous Funambulist of Middle Harbour and Other Sydney Firsts

Berman, Steve So Fey: Queer Fairy Fiction

Beukes, Lauren The Shining Girls

Bevan, Scott Bill : the Life of William Dobell

Binet, Laurent HHhH

Birch, Tony Shadowboxing

Birch, Tony The Promise

Bird, Carmel Family Skeleton

Birmingham, John Without Warning

Bishop, Anne Daughter of the Blood

Bishop, Stephanie The Other Side of the World

Bitto, Emily The Strays

Blaxland, J. C. The Secret Cold War : The Official History of ASIO, 1975-1989

Bollen, Christopher Orient

Bongiorno, Frank The Eighties : The Decade That Transformed Australia

Bourdain, Anthony Kitchen Confidential & A Cook's Tour

Bowen, Chris The Money Men : Australia's 12 Most Notable Treasurers

Bowring, Sam Prophecy's Ruin

Boyne, John Mutiny on the Bounty

Boyne, John The Heart's Invisible Furies

Bradbury, Megan Everyone is Watching

Bradley, James The Resurrectionist

Bramston, Troy The Whitlam Legacy

Brandi, Mark Wimmera

Bray, Libba The Diviners

Breen, Sally Atomic City

Brickell, Chris Mates & Lovers : A History Of Gay New Zealand

Brissenden, Michael American Stories : Tales of Hope and Anger

Brookmyre, Chris When The Devil Drives

Brooks, David The Conversation : a Tale

Brooks, Geraldine The Secret Chord

Brothers, Caroline Hinterland

Brown, Bob Optimism : Reflections on a Life of Action

Brown, Damien Band-Aid For a Broken Leg - Being a Doctor With No Borders (and Other Ways To Stay Single)

Brown, James ANZAC's Long Shadow : the Cost of Our National Obsession

Browne, Anthony My Dad

Browne, N M Spellgrinders Apprentice

Bryson, Gary Turtle

Buckle, Stephanie Habits of Silence

Buist, Anne Medea's Curse

Burbidge, John Dare Me!: The Life and Work of Gerald Glaskin (Gay and Lesbian Perspectives)

Burke, Brian A Tumultuous Life

Burton, Peter What Love Is: The Second Arcadia Book of Gay Short Stories

Butcher, Jim Cold Days

Butler, Mark C. Advanced Australia : the Politics of Ageing

Button, James Speechless : a Year in My Father's Business

Byers, Sam Idiopathy