bookish thoughts

Title - Author

Abercrombie, Joe The Heroes

Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi Americanah

Adiga, Aravind Selection Day

Aitken, Adam One Hundred Letters Home

Aitken, Graeme The Penguin Book of Gay Australian Writing

Aitkin, Don The Second Chair

Al Muderis, Munjed Walking Free

Alameddine, Rabih An Unnecessary Woman

Alameddine, Rabih The Angel of History

Alameddine, Rabih The Storyteller, Or, the Hakawati

Aldrich, Robert Gay Life Stories

Alexander, Todd Pictures of Us

Alexander, Todd Tom Houghton

Allington, Patrick Figurehead

Allinson, Miles Fever of Animals

Altman, Dennis Queer Wars

Altman, Dennis The End of the Homosexual?

Amsterdam, Steven K. The Easy Way Out

Amsterdam, Steven K. What the Family Needed

Anderson, Boyd Ludo

Anderson, Kevin J. The Edge of the World (Terra Incognita)

Anderson, Kevin J. The Map of All Things

Anderson, Laurie Halse The Impossible Knife of Memory

Anderton, Jo Suited (Angry Robot)

Andren, Peter The Andren Report

Annan, Kofi A. Interventions : A Life In War And Peace

Arnott, Georgina The Unknown Judith Wright

Ash, Romy Floundering

Atkinson, Kate Life After Life

Attenberg, Jami Saint Mazie

Auster, Paul Travels in the Scriptorium

Aveyard, Victoria Red Queen

Aw, Tash The Harmony Silk Factory